Half Blankets

These are the same quality as our full size blankets, but are only one loom width wide instead of having a center seam like the blankets. Contact us for sizes and prices.


We occasionally have hand-woven wool fabric from blanket production. These small pieces are great for projects. Contact us for colors, sizes, and prices.

Leg Ties (Garters)

Longhunter style garters are linen/wool with brain tanned leather ties attached to ends. $34.00 per pair.

Moccasin Liner

This hand-woven wool for moccasin liners is very densely fulled and is approximately 13″ wide. $9.50 per linear foot.


Hand-sewn wool, fingerless mitten tubes made from densely fulled hand-woven wool. Extra large, large, and medium sizes available. Other sizes available by special order. $20.00 pr.


Hand-woven wool and linsey/woolsey breechcloths are available in a variety of patterns. Contact us for sizes, colors, and prices.

Linen Tape

Hand-woven linen tape had many uses around the homestead. It could be an important part of clothing, used on shortgowns, aprons, pockets, breeches, waistcoats, or even as garters. Its strength lends itself to being used for whatever needs to be tied. $2.00 per foot.


A good way to carry your blanket is with the tumpline. These are hand-woven linen/wool and are made approx. 3″ x 90″. You simply roll your blanket around the tumpline, tie it tight and you are on your way. $45.00